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Welcome to Von Zuben Research & Consulting LLC


I am a consulting physicist providing independent consultation and research in the following subject areas:


       Precise positioning, navigation, and timing systems

       Electrodynamics, quantum physics, theory of relativity

Areas of expertise include electrodynamics, theoretical mechanics, quantum physics, and the theory of relativity. Research interests include unresolved problems in quantum physics, measurement theory, information theory, and relativity.


I have three decades of experience in design, development, and testing of positioning, navigation, and timing systems; specifically, radio-navigation, inertial navigation, global navigation satellite systems (Navstar Global Positioning System and the earlier Transit Navy Navigation Satellite System), terrain-following radar, and geophysical sensors.  Most of this work was through defense contractors for the United States Air Force and Navy.


Recent projects include the Joint Precision Approach & Landing System which provides for automatic approach and landing of naval aircraft on aircraft carriers.  The system uses Global Positioning System satellites and inertial navigation sensors as the source of the guidance signals. Unprecedented challenges had to be overcome in this program, since it requires sub-meter positioning accuracy, relative to a moving vessel, based on signals received from distant satellites moving at orbital velocities; all while meeting stringent integrity requirements. I assisted with the development of navigation and guidance systems on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-16 Raptor, and other military aircraft.  Prior to this I operated and tested navigation, gravity, and magnetic sensing systems for marine seismic surveys.


My approach is to always comprehend the underlying physics of a problem and base my resolution on this understanding.  Many engineering and technical problems are equivalent to physics problems which have already been solved, although there are always exceptions requiring new approaches.


I am also a technical writer having authored numerous technical and scientific papers (most unpublished due to public release restrictions).  My writing approach is to work from a thorough understanding of the subject while assuming less familiarity on the part of the reader; also I omit obscure abbreviations and acronyms.


I am available to provide professional consultation in any of the above areas, and I look forward to assisting you with your physics consultation needs.


Thank you for your inquiry,


Francis Stephen Geisler von Zuben, Ph.D.


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